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Common Chow Chow Doggie Hazards

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Common Chow Chow Doggie Hazards

Homemade Playdough - Toxic
Homemade playdough consists of flour, water and salt. Chow Chow Dogs may enjoy the salty taste, however it can cause salt toxicity, which can be fatal. When a large amount of salt is ingested, the sodium diffuses throughout the body. When the sodium reaches the brain and central nervous system, water builds up and tissues swell. As the brain swells, pressure builds up resulting in severe neurological disorders. As the pressure builds, it causes seizures, coma and death. There is no antidote for salt toxicity. In some mild cases, where less salt is ingested, the Chow Chow Dog may survive, however, if the Chow Chow Dog eats enough, it is fatal.
"Most Chow Chow Dogs probably won't eat it but mine did and we had to put her down. Recipes for playdough contain a lot of salt, usually 1/2 cup, and I learned first hand that this can be lethal. In our ignorance, we thought nothing of her eating the playdough, but her sodium levels were soon so high, that she went into seizures and by the time we got her to the vet, our best option was to euthanize her as she was suffering brain damage due to swelling of her brain."

Black Locust Tree
The seed from the Black Locust tree is poisonous to Chow Chow Dogs and humans if ingested. The seeds come in pods that look like black banana pods. The seeds themselves are very hard, but look like oversized milk duds. They fall from the tree at certain times of year and that is when it is hazardous. The side effects may include vomiting, neurological effects, which prevent the Chow Chow Dog from being able to walk. Also loss of appetite.

Antifreeze is perhaps the number one hazard to a Chow Chow Dog. Less than one tablespoon of anti-freeze could be lethal to a 20-pound Chow Chow Dog. Antifreeze smells sweet and is very deadly. If the antidote isn't given within 24 hours, the Chow Chow Dog is likely to die. When storing your antifreeze, keep it well out of reach. Check under your car from time to time to make sure it is not leaking on to the ground. Your Chow Chow Dog will smell the sweet smell and may lick it up. You may want to use a new, less toxic antifreeze. It's still poisonous, but not as much as the traditional kind.

Garden Hazards
For Chow Chow Dogs, gardens and lawns offer a virtual smorgasbord of smells, and too often, tastes. More then a few plants, given a nibble or two, can turn your Chow Chow Dog a little green. Most just cause an upset stomach, but some can be deadly.  Make sure they are out of reach of your Chow Chow Dog.

Amaryllis leaves and flowers
Autumn crocus bulbs
Azalea stems and leaves
Birds of paradise stems
Black-eyed Susan
Bleeding heart flowers and stems
Boxwood Bark, stems and leaves
Castor bean seeds (very toxic)
Cherry laurel wood and branches (very toxic)
Chinaberry tree wood and branches
Clematis stems and leaves
Daffodil bulbs
Day Lilies
Delphinium plants
Dumb cane leaves (very dangerous)
English ivy fruit
Flowers bulbs of any kind
Foxglove stems and flowers
Holly berries
Jasmine leaves
Jerusalem cherry leaves and flowers
Jimsonweed or thorn apple (very dangerous)
Larkspur stems
Laburnum bark, flowers, seeds and leaves
Lily of the valley leaves and flowers
Lupine stems and flowers
Mistletoe berries (very poisonous)
Mountain laurel
Mushrooms- any that you can not identify as safe
Oleander bark, stems, and leaves (very dangerous)
Privet bush stems and leaves
Rhododendron leaves
Rhubarb leaves
Skunk cabbage leaves and flowers
Tiger Lilies
Tomatoes vines
Virginia creeper bark and stems
Wandering Jew
Wisteria bark and leaves
Yew bark, needles, and seeds (very dangerous)  

Chocolate is another common canine hazard. Although it may be your favorite thing to eat, it can be very dangerous for your pet. Chocolate contains caffeine and a related stimulant called theobromine, which can make your Chow Chow Dog seriously ill. Both of these stimulants can raise your Chow Chow Dogs heart rate, occasionally to the point of being fatal. Chocolate should be thought of as a poison to Chow Chow Dogs.
The effect it has on your Chow Chow Chow Chow Dog depends both on its size and the amount of chocolate the Chow Chow Dog consumed. The smaller the Chow Chow Dog, the less chocolate it needs to eat in order to overdose.
With Baking chocolate, half to one ounce can cause death in small Chow Chow Dogs such as Toy Poodles, Yorkies and Chihuahuas. In medium sized Chow Chow Dogs, such as Cocker Spaniels and Beagles, the amount is two or three ounces. In large Chow Chow Dogs such as the Golden Retriever and Dalmatian the amount is eight ounces.
With milk chocolate, four to ten ounces can cause death in toy Chow Chow Dogs, one to one and a half pounds in medium-sized Chow Chow Dogs; and two to four and a half pounds in large Chow Chow Dogs.
A small amount may not cause death but it can make them very ill. Fortunately, most Chow Chow Dogs who overdose on chocolate just get an upset stomach with perhaps vomiting and diarrhea.

Holiday Hazards
Around the holidays you need to be especially careful. Mistletoe, can be extremely poisonous. Tinsel can be dangerous for your Chow Chow Dog if he decides to eat it. You have to watch those thin glass Christmas balls too. Also beware of Styrofoam. Styrofoam will not digest and may get stuck in the intestines. Visit our Holiday First Aid page.

Other Hazards
Chow Chow Dogs can also be poisoned by Advil®, Tylenol® and aspirin.  Do not give your Chow Chow Dog human pain killers without consulting your veterinarian first.
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